Sites For Non-Profits

Etter Ventures, LLC, has worked with a wide variety of private groups, clubs, non-profit and charitable organizations across the United States.


In addition to developing public Internet websites, our company has also created private / password protected "members only" Intranet sites with extensive use of the Google Apps tools including:

      • Google Drive for secure storage and sharing of sensitive documents
      • Membership Directories - On-Line and Mobile Apps using the EZ Member Directory System.
      • Website and Email Based Newsletters using Google Groups for newsletter distribution.
      • Picasa Web Albums and Google Photos
      • Public and Private Facebook Groups and Pages
      • YouTube Videos


Google Sites for Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations


Email and Web-based e-Newsletter Services

Web and Gmail E-Newsletters integrated with Google Groups


Seminole Historical Society Email / Newsletter Services

      • Etter Ventures, LLC, assists numerous clients, groups and organizations with creating and distributing their organization’s newsletters using Google Apps, Gmail and Google Groups.
      • In the past the Seminole Historical Society created a printed bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletter took a great deal of time to create, was expensive to print and distribute to several hundred members.
      • Working with Etter Ventures the Seminole Historical gathered all of their members email addresses. Additionally, using Google Sites we created a website based newsletter for their group that eliminated the need to print hundreds of copies of their newsletters. The newsletter chairperson simply writes the newsletter copy and provides that copy and photographs and we create their digital newsletters which are then distributed via email to their members.