For Education

The Sites Template System that provides the unparalleled ability for school districts to easily, economically and rapidly create and deploy:

  • District Internet Sites
  • Private, Staff Only District Intranet Sites
  • School Sites
  • Teacher / Staff Sites
  • Sports and Extracurricular Sites

Etter Ventures has worked with numerous Google Apps for Education school districts in the US and Australia, assisting them with the development of their District websites in the Google Sites development environment.

The experience gained from working with a diverse groups of districts has given rise to the creation of the Sites Template System, created to assist districts in reducing costs implementation costs and time involved with migrating their district, school and teacher websites to the Google Apps for Education environment.

The Sites Template System provides:

  • Powerful, full featured Sites templates for districts, schools, teachers and specialty Sites
  • An extensive library of Instructional and Training Videos that demonstrate how to provide all necessary tasks associated with custom deployment of the Google Sites Templates
  • Rapid deployment of Sites on all levels
  • Decreased deployment and development costs
  • Ease of implementing future updates, maintenance and enhancements

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Americans With Disability Act Website Compliance Services

Etter Ventures provides services to assist Google Sites schools and districts

meet the ADA Compliance requirements. Check out our ADA Website Compliance Services.