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Etter Ventures has more than 15 years experience developing websites in a variety of different environments. Since 2009 we have focused on Google Sites and the Google Apps suite of products for business, school and non-profits.

From start to finish, we have the tools and talents to provide world class web solutions using the industry leading Google Sites and Apps products.

Services offered

Website Development - Internet, Intranets and Extranets

We have developed highly attractive and functional websites for organizations ranging from small membership groups, businesses and political organizations, all the way up to private corporate Extranets for billion dollar conglomerates.

Americans With Disability Act Website Compliance Services

Etter Ventures, LLC, provides services to assist Google Sites website users to meet the ADA Compliance requirements. Check out our ADA Website Compliance Services.

Tech Support and Maintenance Services

Etter Ventures, LLC, provides Annual Maintenance and Support Services for organizations that have implemented Google Sites websites. For additional information on hourly rates and service click here.

Google Sites Makeovers and Renovations

If your organization already has a Google Sites website but are unsatisfied with its design and performance, we can help implement a great new, professional graphics package for your existing Google Sites website and content. Check out our Google Sites Check-Up Services.

Graphics Development

We are highly skilled with a variety of graphics development applications including Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, video and photo edition and titling software and many more. We can create custom YouTube videos, logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures, and much more to coordinate with your Google Sites website.

Video and photo editing, image presentations

We provide website based image and video editing, professional PowerPoint presentation creating services.

Custom Facebook Business / Twitter Page Development Services

We create customized Facebook Business Fanpages and Twitter pages that match clients websites.

Etter Ventures specializes in the development of websites using the Google Sites website development environment and fully integrating them with Google Apps. We design our websites to be viewable in multiple environments (i.e. - desktop, smart phones, tablets, etc..). We also integrate the Google Analytics visitor tracking software system into client websites for tracking and analyzing website performance.

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