Teacher & Extracurricular Sites

Below are examples of Teacher Sites created by teachers and district staff 

who have been trained using the Sites Template System Training Videos.

The Saranac Lake County School District deployed the Sites Template System training videos for their staff and teachers. Etter Ventures, LLC, trained a small group of SLCS staff and teachers on using the Sites Template System instructional videos and teacher templates.  Those staff and teachers then trained all of the districts staff in the different schools.   In approximately 60 days those teachers and staff then created more than 150 custom Google Sites websites without additional assistance.  Click on the links below to view Saranac Lake School Districts staff, department and teacher websites.

The Lancaster County School District (LCSD) – South Carolina - migrated their 20 school websites to Google Sites using the Sites Template System.  The district project team customized each school website to have a unique graphics appearance and design layout.

After the school Sites were designed  the project teams then created a customized teacher website design template that matched the schools unique graphics package.  The school’s teachers and staff were then provided access to the Sites Template System instructional videos and they then customized their individual Sites to their own unique requirements. 

LCSD used the Sites Template System to create approximately 1,200 teacher and staff websites using the Sites Template System.

Indian lake high image link.

Lancaster High image link.

Lancaster High School

Brooklyn Springs image link.

Brooklyn Springs Elementary School