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According to the bid document information shown below, Gabbart Communications annual cost for this 7 school district was $7,700 per year over a 3 year contract (the cost of customization and setup fees is unknown, or annual maintenance fees). The Sites Template System costs for a school district of between 5 to 14 schools is a one time license fee of $5,000 (no annual renewal fees). The Sites Template System provides a complete library of education related videos that will train the district personnel how to create and customize all of their own websites using their internal staff resources. However:
  • The Sites Template System templates (District, Staff Intranet, Schools and Teacher templates) can be customized by Etter Ventures on the client's behalf for a one-time fee starting at $750.
  • Etter Ventures provides complete migration services on a custom quote basis. We can assist the client in any manner requested, including providing the total transition of their websites from their old Content Management System (CMS) to the Google Sites and Sites Template System environment.

  • Source Document
    • Gabbart Vendor Contract