ADA Accessibility and Compliance Issues with School District Websites

Dear Sir or Madam

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (US DOE / OCR) has expanded their school district enforcement activities regarding ADA compliance with accessibility issues.  According to the US DOE / OCR's public statements on their website, they have in the recent past initiated more than 225 investigations into non-compliant district and school websites.  Also, 500 additional complaints have recently been opened as a result of complaints filed by individuals against school district's who's websites are not compliant with the US DOE's ADA defined accessibility requirements.

Recently the US DOE / OCR has issued Resolution Letters and Resolution Agreements with eleven districts across the US who had been found to be in violation of the ADA accessibility requirements. These Resolution Letters evidence the issues that the US DOC investigators focused their accessibility attention on, and how they were resolved with the school districts. We've researched the actions needed to be taken in order to be in compliance with the ADA accessibility requirements so that a district's websites be complaint with the guidelines / requirements.  

Our services include testing district and school website accessibility using the WAVE Compliance Testing Tool, which helps to identify to "accessibility errors" in websites so that they can be identified and resolved.  However, in order to assure compliance district's need to implement also some policy, information and training actions in order to be compliant with the ADA requirements. Those actions include :

  • Design an approach and method for incorporating ADA accessibility notices to be posted on the district's website;

  • Design an on-line web Form for Accessibility Reporting Issues concerning the website.

  • Provide a public district policy statement regarding ADA Accessibility and actions that will be taken in the case of user complaints.

  • Provide training to all of the appropriate district employees who have need to add new content, or modify existing content, to the district's websites.

Based upon the above information we have created a program for addressing and resolving any ADA accessibility issue with your district's Google Sites websites. Attached you will find a brief document that describes the steps that we will take to bring our district's websites into compliance. When the project is completed we also provide a Google Sites specifiic ADA Accessibility Training Video designed to help train the district's staff how to add new content to their websites and assure that content will be ADA compliant.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like our assistance in addressing and resolving the ADA compliance issues present with your district's Google Sites websites.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Etter
Etter Ventures, LLC.

Etter Ventures, LLC. is an authorized Google Reseller, specializing in the development of powerful and professional Google Sites website installations for school districts.