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Etter Ventures LLC - We make things...Happen!!!!
Hello, we're Jeff and Sue Etter.  Welcome to our website!
After successful 20 year careers in the computer and financial securities industries, we decided to check out the greener grass that lay just on the other side of the valley....  And here we are!
We're passionate about serving the needs of our clients with the best and most professional Google Sites and Google Apps development services possible.  We serve a broad variety of professional and charitable markets including social, civic and charitable organizations in addition to our corporate clients.  So we combined our passions and have turned them into our pursuits. 
If you are looking for two people who can make things happen for you and your company, quickly and economically, contact us.  We make things....Happen!!!!
Jeff Etter                  jetter9@gmail.com
Sue Etter                 sueetter@gmail.com